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The Living Pool Converter System:

Conversion of a Conventional Pool.

With the Living Pool Converter System an existing swimming pool can easily be turned into one that operates biologically.
The existing pool will only be changed minimally. The existing water cycle, comprising a skimmer, a pump and sand filter (left side of the illustration) can continue to be operated; only the chlorination will no longer be used.


 Click on the illustration for a larger view:
The Living Pool Converter System

A biological circulation system will be additionally incorporated, consisting of a biological filter, a small pump and a phosphorus filter (PhosTec Ultra, right side of the illustration). All components are integrated into a single shaft. This shaft, measuring 2.0 x 1.2 x 0.8 meters, is installed in the ground next to the existing pool and connected to both an intake and an outflow pipe of the existing pool. The pump for the bio circulation requires only a very small amount of electricity (approximately 40 W).

How the Converter System Works:

First the water is cleaned mechanically and biologically in a biological filter, e.g. the organic impurities are decomposed by bacteria. The phosphorus bound in the organic substances is released and broken down. Subsequently the water flows through the PhosTec filter, where the phosphorus that was released is bound in the filter material. As the filter material is saturated with phosphate during the course of time, it must be changed every few years.

Simple, Quick and Cost-Effective.


Here we have put together a photo series – prior to conversion until the result after installation of the converter system.
Please click on the first photo to start the slide show:

Living-Pool Converter-System Living-Pool Converter-System Living-Pool Converter-System Living-Pool Converter-System Living-Pool Converter-System Living-Pool Converter-System

>> Information Sheet Converter System
>> Video Converter System (Conversion of a conventional pool to a Living Pool)
>> Video Converter System NEW (Converter sequence starts after 02:45 min.)
>> Upgrading of a Natural Pool with the Converter System

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